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How We Got Started

Fit Babz: Pronounced "Fit Babes"

Loving fitness is what we're all about! We don't know about you, but we live in our workout clothes, we're talking at the gym, running errands and even grocery shopping. That's why we wanted to start a fitness apparel line with a lil' bit of attitude. Showing off a bit of our personality without saying a word. So let our "Toody Tanks" say it for you with our signature sayings to sport at the gym or anywhere!  Additionally, we tailor our brand to be convenient for the customer with styles that make you look great in or out of the gym. Feel comfortable AND look cool while working out plus look fashionable while out on the town by pairing our tops with jeans and heels! 

Then of course we couldn't forget about the "Brōz", so we developed a men's line that fits the same criteria for the male athlete.

Fit Babz and Fit Brōz Apparel, where fitness meets fashion.